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Happy Birthday Bogwitch!

Happy Birthday to bogwitch

I'm going to post my Spike/Tentacle drabble now as a birthday present rather than wait for the posting date, I should be able to come up with something else by Valentine's day. 100 words of course, 'cos I'm accurate. Rating R.

Something Fishy

“You’re Cthulhu?” Spike gasped. “Sodding hell! Thought you were just a ginormous git from Iowa.”

“More ginormous than you had guessed,” Riley boomed. “Was the name not clue enough?”

“Riley Finn. ‘In his house in R’yleh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.’ Yeah, right, I suppose the clue was there, but it’s still a shock. I’ll be buggered.”

The Elder God in Riley Finn’s form beamed. His head warped and deformed, changing hideously, and tentacles sprang forth. He reached for the vampire and the tentacles began to explore Spike’s body. “Not quite what I have in mind,” he remarked. “But close enough.”

Tags: birthdays, drabbles

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