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A not as hard as I'd thought Quiz

I've taken one sentence from each of a dozen of my favourite BtVS/Angel fics. All classics. Each by a different author. Some on my Friends list, some not. Anybody like to try identifying the sources? Feel free to identify your own fics. They're in no particular order, and they're not chosen to be easy to identify, nor to be hard; just phrases that really stuck in my memory.

They're all identified now, so I've posted all the answers and links to the fics.

She flinched when she heard the closing of the training room door.
(Terri Botta, Here Is Gone - identified by sephiroth01)

All secrets would be revealed tonight.
(Sang et Ivoire, by hollydb, identified by the author hollydb)

Someone capable of real human emotion, not a heartless monster.
(Last Night, by kantayra - identified by sephiroth01)

And when she dreamt of that moment in time, where they were in harmony, maybe when she had loved him first, it was the waking that was the nightmare.
(enigmaticblues, Nightmares, identified by fenchurche)

Spike exhaled a plume of smoke with a look that said 'If I were Kzinti, my name would be Speaker-to-Idiots.'
(sephiroth01 correctly guessed Necessary Evils but didn't get the author, Barb C aka rahirah, who was identified by kantayra)

And all that was left of Spike’s heartbeat was a flat line, which disappeared when a nurse turned off the monitor.
(Practically Perfect by kallysten, identified by fenchurche)

So, alone, deep in the shadows, Spike spoke to a woman who was too far away to hear him.
(missmurchison, Quick and Bitter, Slow and Sweet - identified by sephiroth01)

He'd be more sympathetic, but she hasn't got a soul.
Shagging Harmony Kendal, by indri, identified by nihilistbear)

"I don't know what your plans are, but since you're not running the Magic Box anymore, would you have time to run for City Council?"
(spikewriter, aka Caro, Life in Sunnydale/The Magic Box Stories. Specifically Episode 15: Registering the Dead. Identified by fenchurche and by manoah)

So she curls against his side as he blows smoke rings into the air, and hopes that maybe this time, he won’t jump out of bed and leave, won’t run away and leave her alone, wanting him.

(A Day In The Life Of Someone Just Like Me, by nihilistbear, identified by nihilistbear.

“Mattie?” He sat up, frantically staunching the wound, and patted at her face with shaking hands. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. C’mon, honey, wake up. I didn’t take that much.”
But she was so small, she had little to spare.
Adversaries by Miranda, identified by Anonymous.

“Invasion?” Spike looked at her in confusion. “You’re telling me he fought against the Nazis?”

She smiled grimly. "No. Napoleon."

Keep on Moving by
calove, identified by Anonymous.

This competition is now over.
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