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Sani rompi nem I=yc, KANTAYRA! and happy birthday MAKD

Happy Birthday makd and to the fantastic, the wonderful, kantayra!

Okay, it's the day after their birthday my time, but it's still their birthday their time and I think that LiveJournal's absence from this plane of existence is a good enough excuse for being late.

kantayra is a marvellous person and I wish her the greatest of birthdays and all sorts of good things in general. Her stories are awesome, and her Forbidden Love website is a treasure house of not only her own stories but also loads of wonderful recs and challenges.

One of the challenges, of course, was the one which I answered by writing It's Got To Be Perfect, and another has started me off writing "Alone", but that will have to wait until some of my other projects have finished.

The recs include two for me; and her delightful reviews for IGTBP and I Am The Walrus are the largest single source of referrals for my site. Plus, they are so lovely they give me a warm glow of pride every time I read them. Sometimes I just go there and look at them and gloat and go "Squeee!" And I've found some gems by following her other recs too.

So, everybody please join me in singing "Happy Birthday" to kantayra - IN COPTIC!

Sani rompi nem I=yc
Sani rompi nem I=yc
Qen bikani nem binani
Sani rompi nem I=yc

(Took me ages to find on the Net, hope it's the real thing)
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