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If Music Be The Food Of Love ...

Another entry in kallysten's 2005 Drabble Challenge. Crossposted there; comments, if any, here. 100 words. Rating R. S3, Xander/Cordelia. Not one of my best, I'm afraid, but there's not long to go on the Challenge and time is running out.

If Music Be The Food Of Love ...

Xander and Cordelia sneaked into the music room and began making out frantically. They kissed passionately, urgently, and their fervour rose to fever pitch. Xander bent Cordy back over the piano as his hands explored her. She relaxed, lay back, and his mouth worked its way down her body to between her legs.

Suddenly, just as he was working her panties aside, the door opened. Cordelia shrieked and jerked upright as Principal Snyder entered and stared.

“Harris!” Snyder snapped. “Just what do you think you’re playing?”

Terrified though he was, Xander couldn’t resist the feed line. “Piano, a Cordy on.”

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