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Happy New Year in Manx, and a Drabble

Blein Vie Noa Erriu

Here is a reply to curiouswombat's entry in kallysten's 2005 Drabble Challenge,
If you're Wol, that makes me ...?

Rating PG, 100 words. She said hers was S3, but there's nothing specific within it to place it so I've made my follow-up S5.

Once More With Pooh Bear

Willow was having problems with her Winnie the Pooh drabble series. “Spike has to be Tigger,” she mused. “Dawn is Roo. I think Xander for Pooh, ‘cause hey, very little brain. Buffy is Piglet, Giles is Wol, and I guess I could be Kanga. But having problems with Anya, not a lot of talking about orgasms in ‘Now We Are Six’.”

Giles frowned. “Dear Lord, are you still wasting your time on that rubbish? Frankly, I’m finding it all rather depressing.”

“Hmmph!” Willow snorted. “If you’re going to take that attitude you’re not gonna be Wol, you can be Eeyore.”
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