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There's a Challenge up on Vampire Kisses which is rather unorthodox.

Challenge #3-

"Till The End Of The World"

- Make the Key into something other than human. Buffy and Spike still have to defend it with their lives and keep Glory from getting it. Must be a Spuffy story. The ending of Gifts must be intact.

Well, it's inspired me to make a start on possibly the strangest story I've ever written.

Here's the beginning as a teaser.


Starts at the end of Season 5 Episode 1 “Buffy versus Dracula”.


“Mom!” Buffy exclaimed.  “Why is there a mechanical digger tearing up the back garden?”

Joyce was talking with a balding man in an expensive suit and a hard hat construction worker with a clipboard and a fluorescent vest.  She broke off and turned to her daughter.  “They’re installing the pool, honey,” she informed her.

“We’re getting a swimming pool?  Cool!” Buffy beamed.

"Not exactly," her mother said.  "Do you remember your Great-Aunt Leonora?"

"Not really," the Slayer replied, her brow furrowing.  "Didn't she move to, like, Alaska?"

“Yes, a long time ago.  I hardly remember her myself.  She became an extremely wealthy woman, but rather eccentric.  Well, she’s died, and left us something.  An exotic pet.  There’s a bequest, a large income as long as we look after the pet, but when the pet dies the income stops and the capital goes to Greenpeace.”

Buffy looked at the excavations.  “Don’t tell me, Mom, the pet’s a polar bear.”

“Close,” Joyce admitted.  “We’ve inherited a walrus.”


So, what do you think?  Have I gone stark raving mad?  It'll probably only take me two or three days to finish it and then it's back to reality.  Well, not that close to reality, the next 'Violent Elizabeth Bott' story is next on my "To Do" list, and then back to "It's Got To Be Perfect".


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