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Gratuitous Gloating Post

Showing off my new pretties:


Alone got the Vampires Kiss nomination, as best WIP, and that's a big surprise. The section I posted was more of a teaser than anything else, I wasn't planning on making a serious start on it until March. However, it is one for which I keep having to fight off plot bunnies to get on with other things; maybe I'll stop fighting them off and get a bit more of it posted soon.

I've just had a (very rare) actual social occasion; magic_wanderer and handrejka came round for a meal with curiouswombat, Katherine, and I. We watched the Live Aid DVD that Katherine gave me for Xmas, and we played Scattergories; Katherine came up with perhaps the most remarkable answer ever. Subject "Bad Habit", letter "C"; answer "Conspicuous Consumption of Copious quantities of Civet-Cat Crap Coffee" (7 points). Take that, you Cambridge Scholars!

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