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No More Mister Nice Guy

I've done another entry in kallysten's 2005 Drabble Challenge. Crossposted there; comments, if any, here. 100 words, Spike/Buffy, during "Chosen", rating PG-13 for mild language, character death. As usual I diverge slightly from canon.

No More Mister Nice Guy

“Gotta move, lamb. I think it’s fair to say, school’s out for the bloody summer.” Spike grinned broadly even though he was starting to burn.

“Your famous last words are from Alice Cooper?” Buffy rolled her eyes. “How lame is that?”

“Hey!” Spike protested. “Alice Cooper’s not lame. ‘Billion Dollar Babies’ was sodding brilliant. Now, Marilyn Manson’s lame.”

“Is not!” Buffy contradicted him. “I mean, ‘Tainted Love’! It’s totally great.”

“It’s a bleeding cover!” Spike pointed out. “The Soft Cell version blows it away.”


They were still bickering when Spike combusted totally and the roof fell in on Buffy.

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