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Pyramid selling?

I threatened bogwitch with Bible fanfic, but I couldn't do it. The Old Testament is, frankly, much too silly for parody. So I stayed in the Middle East but turned to "The Mummy". A seasonal story, 100 words, rating PG-13.

Walk Like An Egyptian

Imhotep lurched through the streets of Cairo. He was still weak, far from achieving his full powers. He had taken parts from those who had released him, but it hadn’t been enough, particularly as the eyes he had acquired from his first victim had been defective. He needed someone else, someone with supernatural powers that he could drain. Ah, this should do nicely.

A child sobbed bitterly in an alley, and Rick O’Connell paused to comfort him. “What’s the matter, son?” he asked. “Something upset you?”

The boy turned tear-filled eyes to the adventurer. “I saw mummy kissing Santa Claus.”
Tags: drabbles
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