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Most Illogical, Captain.

A drabble inspired by an icon that ffutures uses sometimes. I don't think it's one of my best, but I impressed myself by hitting the 100 word target first time, so I'm posting it. It's a crossover.

To Boldly Yo

Spock trod warily, mindful of all the problems that had arisen the last time they had used the slingshot effect to visit the primitive Earth of the early Space Age, but not warily enough. One of the locals spotted him and detected something strange about his appearance.

“Yo, tall guy, whaddya hidin’ beneath that beanie? I’m thinkin’ pointy ears. Time to die, demon.”

“You are gravely mistaken, young lady, I am no demon. I warn you, I will defend myself if attacked.”

Four years later:

Andrew finished his introduction of Faith. “And, through a tragic misunderstanding, she killed a Vulcan.”

_ _ _ _ _ _

In other news, I've put 'And Glory Shone Around', my story for enigmaticblues' Holiday Ficathon, up on my site as well as hers, so that people who aren't aware of the ficathon but check my site regularly will see it there; I've incorporated links to the Ficathon.
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