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This is our day of Glory

I've finished my entry for enigmaticblues Holiday Ficathon and sent it in. It is now available there, but I'm not putting it up on my own site yet, I'll give her a few days of exclusivity. It's called "And Glory Shone Around", and it's an AU in which Glory proposes a Christmas truce. To say that 'whackiness ensues' would be putting it mildly.

Pimp! A drabble from ffutures that people who like my lunatic little snippets will probably love too.

Mistaken Identity II

My Christmas was nice, but quiet; nothing that would really interest anyone else, and details are on curiouswombat's LJ anyway, so I won't bore you. Hope you all had a pleasant time.

I'm off to work now.
Tags: fic_announcements, pimping
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