Speaker-to-Customers (speakr2customrs) wrote,

Eurovision semi-final 2

Dreadful. Dire. Appalling. Those are just a few of the words that are inadequate to describe the standard of most of the entries in this semi.

I liked several of the songs in the first semi-final, in which the UK could not vote, and if voting had been allowed I would have voted for Hungary. In this semi, in which the UK can vote, there isn't anything really worthwhile. Lithuania (who've definitely been listening to Mumford and Sons) and Ireland are just about tolerable, and the song from Montenegro was quite good until the bloke opened his mouth and spoilt it all, and the Portuguese song wasn't too bad, but the rest... I especially hated the entries from San Marino and from Israel.

Edit: I am horrified to find that Israel made it through to the final and Portugal didn't. At least San Marino's drivel didn't get through but the Israeli one is even worse.
Tags: eurovision
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