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Bah humbug!

I've been very quiet recently; mainly because I'm pretty stressed out. Work is extremely hectic at the moment, and it's draining my energy. I just don't feel up to knocking off the stream of ficlets and drabbles that I come up with in easier times.

Hi to all the people who've Friended me lately. sp23, kallysten, madrog, diabola79, el_payasito, hang_nga_79, spikewriter, audela, buffydub, curiouswombat, fer1213, liliaeth, jenjojen, opalescence, sephiroth01; and anyone I've missed.

I am doing some writing; a story for enigmaticblues' Holiday ficathon, called "And Glory Shone Around". It has to be submitted to her by Christmas Eve, so I'm concentrating on that and not doing any other creative stuff. Hopefully normal service will be resumed after that.
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