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I'm no artist...

After a long fallow period (since September) I’ve resumed work on my NCIS/SG1/Forgotten Realms crossover fic ‘The King of Elfland’s Daughter’ and the next chapter is almost finished. Yesterday, while mulling over how best to handle a scene shift, I took some time out to do some artwork for the story. I created two banners, using the picture of Cierre that ellynn_ithilwen made for me as a base, and I’m moderately pleased with them. But I’m no expert at doing manips, and the PhotoFiltre program I use isn’t perfect, and my attempt to dress Cierre in a snowboard logo T-shirt was only partially successful; I had to do some careful positioning of the other characters to hide some fairly crude joins. Also I couldn’t find any pics of Timothy McGee that were from the right season (S5), and in the right environment, for me to include him despite him having a fairly important role in the story. I’m sure someone who knew what they were doing could do much better than me. Here they are anyway – but if anyone is inspired to do a proper job I’d be absolutely delighted.

Banner based on manip by Ellyn

- - - - -

Banner based on manip by Ellyn

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