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I move in mysterious ways

Here is a comment redwolf50 made in a thread on bloodshedbaby's LJ a short time ago

Another way people do this kind of thing is rewrite a movie pretty much verbatim and just change the names, The lead male is now Spike, the lead female is now Buffy. God get a freakin clue.

Of course I couldn't let that pass without being inspired ...

(Later: I've added a fourth.)

"Buffy Summers"
Summary: the lives of children Xander Harris and Willow Rosenberg are forever changed when their father Giles advertises for a Nanny and Buffy Summers parachutes in with her umbrella. She takes them on wild adventures with lovable Cockney chimney sweep/pavement artist Spike, until the day when the wind changes ...

Summary: nerdish college student William has a secret identity as superhero Spikerman. Swinging from webs he battles against supervillains The Green Goblin (secretly father of William's friend Daniel "Oz" Osbourne) and Doc Octopus, hoping to win the love of Buffy Summers and sell his photographs to newspaper editor G. Giles Gileson ...

"Caesar and Buffy"
Summary: Buffy Summers, Queen of De Nile, feels threatened by her brother Xander, rival for the position of Pharoah, and seeks the aid of Roman Emperor Spike Caesar. She has herself delivered to him in a rolled up carpet, enchants him with her beauty and wit, and Spike Caesar supports her, has Xander executed with aqueduct spikes, and puts Buffy on the throne (where he shags her numerous times, in many different positions. He could make heiroglyphs). However, he returns to Rome, ignores the advice of soothsayer Giles, and is stabbed in the back on the Ides of March by those he thought his friends; Willow, Tara, et tu Dawn. Queen Buffy is comforted (and shagged) by Spike Caesar's protegée Marc Angelus, and together they set out to rule the Roman and Egyptian empires, but Angelus is defeated and Buffy commits suicide in a bath of asses' milk by clasping a venomous Anyanka to her bosom.

Young teenager Buffy Summers and her six-year-old brother Xander are driven deep into the Australian Outback by her father Giles, who for no clearly explained reason then shoots himself and leaves them stranded. Wandering in the barren wasteland the two children are rescued by young Aborigine Spike, on his ritual "walkabout" journey away from his tribe, who teaches them to survive in the desert. Much sexual tension builds between teenagers Buffy and Spike, but remains unresolved because he can communicate only in five words or less and thinks she has stupid hair.

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