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Attack of the mechanical drabble monster

I did the Drabble-matic thing by Halrloprillalar (who must be a fellow Ringworld enthusiast, going by the screen name) and it came out making a surprising amount of sense. It would fit into my Merry Sport universe. "R" rated.

A Basque In Time

On a tight and shiny morning, Olaf sat on the couch. It was Valentine's Day and he was all alone. His hammer ached in sorrow for the secret love that he could never share. How could he expect Joyce to love someone with an archaic penis?

Mightily, he began to recite a poem he had composed. "Ah, my love is like an erect massive bed, all on a summer's day. I wish my Joyce would fuck me, in her own special way..."

"Do you?" Joyce sat down beside Olaf and put her hand on Olaf's nipple. "I think that could be arranged."

Olaf gasped berserk. "But what about my archaic penis?"

"I like it," Joyce said sweetly. "I think it's effulgent."

They came together and their kiss was like the shimmer of the Northern Lights over the icy wilderness of Aesgard.

"I love you," Olaf said deeply.

"I love you too," Joyce replied and fucked him.

They bought a boar, moved in together, and lived dominantly ever after.
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