Speaker-to-Customers (speakr2customrs) wrote,

LotR Crossover Drabble: Friend or Foe

Here is yet another in the ‘Ent Music’ series of crack!fic drabbles crossing Lord of the Rings with Last of the Mohicans and with titles taken from Adam and the Ants singles. Sometimes I wonder about myself…

Summary: Hawkeye reveals to Aragorn an incident from his past. PG, 100 words.

Friend or Foe

“I made my reputation as a frontiersman when I was very young,” Hawkeye related to Aragorn, as they traversed the Paths of the Dead with the Grey Company.

Behind them the silence of the tunnels was disturbed by giggles as the newly betrothed pair, Uncas and Éowyn, became better acquainted. Chingachgook beamed proudly, Legolas pointedly ignored the couple, and Gimli harrumphed disapprovingly.

“I shot my first bear when I was only twelve,” Hawkeye went on, “but it caused a lot of trouble for me and nearly had me banished from the Northlands. How was I to know it was Beorn?”

Tags: drabbles, ent music, lotr
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