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LotR Crossover Drabble: Prince Charming

And now a third in the series that started with the LotR ‘spelling mistake’ drabble Kings of the Wild Frontier. As I’m giving all the instalments titles drawn from Adam and the Ants songs I’m calling the series ‘Ent Music’.

Summary: It’s traditional to seal alliances with a marriage… Rating PG, 100 words.

Prince Charming

“I’m not sorry to see the back of that varmint,” Hawkeye told Théoden. “A sly snake, he is, for all he’s an enemy to the Hurons.”

“Saruman the White speaks with forked tongue,” agreed Chingachgook.

“But if you want us to turn our weapons against Sauron,” Hawkeye continued, “you’ll have to sweeten the deal. An alliance by marriage. Your niece is a fair maiden, so I’ve heard.”

“You want to marry Éowyn?”

“Not me,” said Hawkeye. “Uncas. He’s the prince of his tribe.”

“Sire, I protest,” said Éomer. “Would you hand over my sister to the Lust of the Mohicans?”

Tags: drabbles, ent music, lotr
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