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LotR Crossover Drabble: Stand And Deliver

Following yesterday’s LotR ‘spelling mistake’ drabble I’ve come up with a sequel. Same crossover as for Kings of the Wild Frontier.

Summary: Sometimes allies come with unwelcome baggage... Rating PG, 100 words.

Stand And Deliver

The Ents and Hurons rampaged through the circle of Isengard, slaying Orcs and Dunlendings, and destroying Saruman’s forges and workshops. It seemed nothing could stop them.

Then, from the balcony of Orthanc, came a loud report and a flash. An instant later a hole appeared between the eyes of a tall Ent named Beechbone and he toppled to the ground and lay still. A second bang and flash followed and the Huron leader Magua dropped dead.

“Oh dear,” said Merry, “that’s the down side of allying with the Hurons. To the defence of Saruman have come Hawkeye, Uncas, and Chingachgook.”

Tags: drabbles, ent music, lotr
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