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Crossover Drabble: Kings of the Wild Frontier

Here is a LotR drabble inspired by a spelling mistake, or typo, that the Wombat encountered in a Tolkien discussion. Surprise crossover.

Summary: Merry and Pippin meet one of Treebeard’s allies. Rating G, 100 words.

Kings of the Wild Frontier

Merry and Pippin stared at the two strange figures who accompanied Treebeard. One was an Ent, tall and slender, with hair of greyish-green and smooth and shining pale skin; the other was a Man, naked to the waist displaying skin of a coppery tint, and whose hair was shaven into a top-knot with a feather stuck through it. Stripes of war-paint adorned his face.

“Hoom, little ones,” said Treebeard, indicating the Ent, “this is Bregalad, known as Quickbeam, who will look after you during the Entmoot.”

“And your other companion?” asked Merry.

“Magua,” Treebeard said, “the leader of the Hurons.”

Tags: drabbles, ent music, lotr
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