Speaker-to-Customers (speakr2customrs) wrote,

Crossover Drabble: The New Furlings?

Here is a little drabble set loosely within the Tabula Avatar/Debt of Blood universe but a whimsical diversion (like Harry Potter and the Veiled Professor) that isn’t canon for the normal storyline. Stargate SG-1/Forgotten Realms crossover, needs a fair degree of knowledge of the SG-1 ‘verse and a basic knowledge of the Realms (or the Baldur’s Gate games) for it to make sense.

Synopsis: Jack O’Neill is given some disappointing news by the Asgard. Rating G, 100 words.

The New Furlings?

“It was my belief that the Tau’ri would become the Fifth Great Race, O’Neill,” Thor told Jack, “but subsequent to your expedition to Faerûn we of the Asgard have made contact with an even more promising species.”

“The Drow,” Cierre stated with certainty. The expression on her normally impassive face could only be described as ‘smug’.

“That is not the case, Cierre,” Thor contradicted her. He manipulated a control crystal and a viewing screen lit up. It displayed an image of a large, rather tubby, creature entirely covered in golden fur. “I refer, in fact, to the Giant Space Hamsters.”

Tags: debt of blood, drabbles, stargate sg1, tabula_avatar
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