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BtVS drabble: Substitute

beer_good_foamy has just posted a poll about certain aspects of The Gift and Lullaby. In the comments I talked about the ludicrously bad writing when the rationale behind The Gift was explained on-screen and mentioned a possible alternate scenario. Beer Good said that it should be a fic and wrote a couple of lines. I’ve gone ahead and written it. His lines make up the part of the fic after the break; I’ve amended them only to make it fit the word count for a drabble.

100 words, rating PG, authors speakr2customrs and beer_good_foamy.


“If the blood sacrifice is made, and Glory opens her portal,” Giles explained, “the only way to close it will be with Summers’ blood. The heart must stop and that means that either you, or Dawn, must die.”

“Maybe not,” said Spike. “Got an idea. Red, do a Net search for me, would you, pet? There’s a bloke I need to track down.”

- - - - -

“Um, Buffy, why did you blindfold me?” asked Hank. “And why is it so windy, and why does it feel like I'm approaching the edge of some rickety construction?”

“Don't worry about it, Dad, just keep walking…”

Tags: drabbles, fic
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