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Draw me like one of your French drow...

Or should that be "Drow me like one of your French girls"?

WriterConUK is next weekend; I’m looking forward to it enormously. There is – just barely – enough time for people who haven’t yet signed up to do so… see the sign-up post...

I’ve been devoting myself to writing Lord of the Rings crossover fic recently, probably because of the corrupting effect of living with, and beta-ing for, curiouswombat. The story on which I’m concentrating at the moment won’t be appearing on LiveJournal because, for some reason, it’s coming out with enormous chapters. Chapter One (which I wrote in only two nights!) is 13,400 words and Chapters Three and Four are even longer – way, way, over the LiveJournal character limit for posts. I believe that Dreamwidth has a bigger limit and I might see if I can put it up there (but not yet).

The story, ‘The Dark Companion’, is based on the idea that the Quest of the Ring was successful only because of a long chain of coincidences, and lucky chances, and that any change is likely to make things worse in the long term even if it brings a short-term gain. Adding a Tenth Walker is unlikely to work out well no matter what abilities he or she can bring to the Fellowship.

In my tale I added Cierre, the Drow Ranger from the Forgotten Realms, who has featured in a couple of my other stories already. She arrives through a portal at Amon Hen just as the Fellowship breaks up, is just too late to save Boromir’s life, and joins with Aragorn for the pursuit of the Hobbit-abducting Orcs. She’s a lethal fighter, a skilled tracker, and a tireless and extremely fast runner; an ideal addition, in theory, but that isn’t how it works out. Black skin in Middle Earth tends to be the mark of the Enemy and she inspires mistrust in everyone they meet; she has her own enemies pursuing her; and a casual remark by Cierre, made in good faith, sets off a chain of events which could destroy everything.

I’m having more fun writing it than I have had in any other story outside the Tabula Avatar ‘verse. For the moment I’m posting it only at the Pit of Voles and at Faerie, the LotR fic archive that was set up as a refuge for people escaping from the wreckage of Lotrfanfiction.com. However I’ve also been producing banners for it and I’m posting them here (behind a cut, of course) as a preview. ellynn_ithilwen produced a couple of images for me to represent Cierre, using as her base pictures of Chinese actress Bingbing Li in her role as Ni Chang, The Bride With White Hair, in the Jackie Chan/Jet Li movie ‘The Forbidden Kingdom’. I’ve built several of the banners, and my current default icon, around those manips. She also produced for me a manip of Éowyn in a somewhat unusual guise…

The overall title banner for the story – currently being used as my Journal header:

Title banner, from a manip by ellynn_ithilwen

Two banners for Chapter 3, in which the Battle of Helm’s Deep takes place:

Chapter 3 banner, from a manip by ellynn_ithilwen

another Chapter 3 banner, from a manip by ellynn_ithilwen

Two banners for Chapter 5, in which the story begins to diverge from canon:

Chapter 5 banner, from a manip by ellynn_ithilwen

Chapter 5 banner, entirely by me

And one from Chapter 6, in which things go badly wrong

Chapter 6 banner, my own creation using LotR War in the North and NWN HotU images

And in Chapter 7 the divergences from canon become even more pronounced, as the Butterfly Effect builds up, and Éowyn has to perform an unexpected impersonation…

Chapter 7 banner, from a manip by ellynn_ithilwen

Now back to the actual writing (I’ve done 53,000 words so far)…

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