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Drabble: When you've got to go...

It's a long time since I've posted any fic here. I have been writing but the story with which I'm busy at the moment (my current icon and journal header banner are from it) is coming out with chapter lengths around 15,000 words; much too long for LiveJournal's character limit. I'm posting it only at the Pit of Voles and Faerie, for the time being, although when it's finished I might post it at Dreamwidth and put links up here. However a review at Faerie inspired me to write a drabble. Two Mary-Sue Earth girls, with the Fellowship as the Tenth and Eleventh Walkers, encounter some practical necessities that Tolkien and Peter Jackson skipped over in their portrayals of Middle Earth.

100 words, rating PG.

When you've got to go…

Aragorn embraced Halbarad, greeted the Rangers, and then introduced them to Legolas, Gimli, and the two Earth girls Mary and Sue.

“Well met,” said Halbarad, “but we must attend to urgent business. We have been in the saddle, without pause, for many hours. Excuse us.” With that the Rangers dismounted, rushed into the bushes, and unfastened their breeches.

“I don’t remember this part,” Mary remarked, as they heard the sound of urine splashing on vegetation. “It wasn’t in the books or the movie.”

“It’s there,” Sue contradicted her. “Return of the King, Chapter Two. The Pissing of the Grey Company.”

Tags: drabbles, fic, lotr
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