Speaker-to-Customers (speakr2customrs) wrote,

Hoping someone can do for me what I can't do myself

If someone skilled at photo-manipulation has time on their hands and is feeling generous I would love someone to do me a manip (reasonably large) of Éowyn disguised as a Drow. Probably using the iconic picture of Éowyn practising with a sword with one hand on the flat of the blade. The idea is that she's used charcoal or soot on her skin and chalk-dust in her hair as the basis of the disguise; she's just going for effect at a distance, not trying to be good enough to pass close inspection. Ideally she would be wearing wrist-bracers but I could add those myself; I'm pretty good at super-imposing images but I can't for the life of me change skin colour on a picture.
Tags: art, lotr
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