Speaker-to-Customers (speakr2customrs) wrote,

Crude approximation of a fic banner

Behind a cut in case it breaks anyone's F-list layout; it looks fine to me but, as my monitor is a lot larger than the average, I won't take chances... Uh, when I say it looks fine to me, I'm only referring to the size. I'm well aware that the banner is seriously flawed. Actually bloody awful is probably an apt description.

Les Morts Dansant banner by me

It's totally off-balance - the girl in the top row is meant to be Lothiriel (actually she's from the cheap and nasty Scy-Fy Channel version of 'Riverworld') but I've managed to put her with the Haradrim instead of with her future husband. I could do with a male Drow (ideally one who still has white hair) for the bottom right. And you'll probably notice that I've also slapped a piece of text right on top of Gimli. Maybe a future version will be usable - but I'd still appreciate suggested image sources.

Tags: art
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