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Continental drift and the Lord of the Rings

Bloody Peter Jackson. Why did he write the Haradrim cavalry out of the Battle of the Pelennor Fields? I’m trying to find decent screencaps I can use in a crude and amateurish banner for Les Morts Dansant (the Éomer/Lothíriel LotR/Forgotten Realms crossover I started posting yesterday) but I’m struggling to find anything suitable.

Anyone seen any pics of Saracen-style cavalry online? And a beautiful young woman in medieval princess costume who could do as Lothíriel? And any women who could pass as Drow with their skins turned deep brown and their hair turned black? I’ve found a few Ethiopian and Somali supermodels but most of the pics show ears which definitely aren’t pointy. And the clothes aren’t at all appropriate. I’m considering trying to dye Keira Knightley, in King Arthur, dark brown…

On a different tack: while doing research for Les Morts Dansant, and for my Conan crossover The Witch’s Promise, it’s struck me how strange the world must have seemed before the discovery of Plate Tectonics. The way Tolkien and R. E. Howard perceived the world must have been very strange and frightening. Continents seemed, to them, to rise and fall with no rhyme or reason. Mountain ranges appeared at random. I believe most people regard Plate Tectonics as important only because of its relevance to earthquake prediction but it’s so much more than that. It makes the world make sense.

All hail Alfred Wegener and those who built upon his work!
Tags: art, fic discussion, lotr
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