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Work sucks, play rocks

At long last I've finished Chapter 21 of "Pandora's Boxer" and put it up on the site.  Read it here or from the beginning here.

Only one more chapter to go in Book One of the trilogy.  Two weeks holiday coming up during August, during which I hope to get that finished and perhaps "It's Got to be Perfect" finished off totally.  Then I can start on Book Two, which is actually the one I'm most looking forward to writing.  Enter Dawn!  No, that's not a command.  She's jailbait in S5, remember.

It's hard to find time to write at the moment because work is just so ghastly.  Whoever invented the IBAN system deserves to be marooned on a desert island for thirty years with no company except for scorpions.  An international bank account number system which has a different number of digits for each participating country?  And that number of digits being longer than the total lengths of the intestines of the population of Luxembourg?  Hey, dude, have you got a vested interest in causing confusion or what?  And I am just so sick of the other departments not doing what they are damn well supposed to.  They use us as a shield to hide behind.  Like it's okay for them to do crap work and not keep their promises because if the customer phones up to complain it's us who take the flak.  I'm sick of trying to defend them.  Sick of having to put up with all the crap on the phones, but I'm not going to try to move to another department because I think they're all a bunch of useless tossers.

Oh well, what can't be cured must be endured.  At least writing the fanfic gives me some enjoyment.  Other people seem to be enjoying reading it, which is definitely of the good.


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