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I suppose it's more WotC's fault than hers really, but...

Bloody Lisa Smedman! I had meant to use a canon Forgotten Realms character as the protagonist of my forthcoming FR/LotR crossover – but I’ve just discovered that Lisa killed her off in a book that I hadn’t read. The Wombat suggested that I just keep her alive and make it an AU – but the plot of the story revolves around characters fleeing from the terrible things that Lisa has done to the Realms; if I was going to say that Iljrene hasn’t died then I might as well go all the way and say that Vhaeraun, Eilistraee, and Qilué haven’t died either – making the whole thing pretty pointless. Anyway, Tabula Avatar is the fix-it fic for the Realms. The new one, Les Morts Dansant, is an ‘everything’s totally buggered’ fic. In a way it’s even better for the plot that Iljrene is dead too, I suppose, although I’m not happy about the ease with which one of Lisa’s Mary Sues slew someone who is, in a previous book, described (by a 17th-level paladin!) as ‘the most dangerous battlemaster I have ever laid eyes on in all Toril’.

It means that I’ve had to replace Iljrene with an OC, someone who would have been ‘third drow soldier from the left’ in the battle scenes of the canon books, promoted into the vacancy when Iljrene died. Then I’ve had to spend hours rewriting the fic. Yes, Search-and-Replace dealt with the name, but not with the descriptions of the (very distinctive) character who had been supposed to fill the role. I really didn’t want it to be OC-centric but, as it turns out, no-one suitable from the named canon characters survived the bloodbath Lisa inflicted upon the Protectors of the Song.

Still, at least the secondary protagonist on the Drow side is Cierre, who has acquired something of a following since she appeared in ‘Debt of Blood’. This isn’t quite the same Cierre, as she never met Jack O’Neill, but her essential personality is the same. And, on the LotR side, there are the ever-popular Éomer and Lothíriel, Legolas and Gimli, and a supporting cast of Rohirrim and Haradrim.

My trademark Gimli/Galadriel sex scenes will not feature in this fic, alas; it's deadly serious. There's some light-hearted Éomer/Lothíriel interaction, yes, but only one (cunningly hidden) joke in the whole of the first chapter.

And there will be blood.
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