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Enough with the angst already

My little self-pity for no good reason mood has lifted and I'm back to the manic phase.

Random thought; would Willow/Wood be Willow, or Wood? Or, as he's the Principal, would it be Pillow?

Here's a little piece cruelly mocking people who can't spell. 100 words as usual.


Buffy ripped the sign out of the fan’s hands and trampled on it. “That is just so totally unfair!” she snapped. “Why does everyone keep saying that he sucks? He’s the best wrestler in the business. The Big Show is just a gigantic hulk. Kane is a horrible monster. Booker T is an ugly brooding lunk with bad hair. JBL is all teeth and hat and no guts. There’s only one man in WWE Raw who’s a real Olympic Champion, a true American Hero, and I’ll follow him eternally! I’m his greatest fan! Kurt Angle rules. Buffy and Angle 4Eva!”
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