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Crossover Drabble: If Peter Jackson did Crossovers...

The recent WriterConUK Event was extremely enjoyable but, since I returned, I’ve found it hard to get back into the mood in which I was writing the Dawn/Sam drabbles and ‘The Witch’s Promise’. I’ve done a little work on ‘Tabula Avatar’ and ‘A Plague of Serpents’ but mainly I’ve been concentrating on the rather morbid Lord of the Rings/Forgotten Realms crossover which has been soaking up altogether too much of my time in the past couple of months. My mind is (like the Wombat’s) stuck a little too firmly in Middle Earth right now for me to write in any other fandom. However at least this morning I managed to regain some levity… and here is the result, born of reading a few too many ‘Tenth Walker’ stories at various archives.

100 words, rating PG.

If Peter Jackson Did Crossovers…

“I’m beginning to doubt the wisdom of Elrond’s choice of the Tenth Walker,” Aragorn said.

“He carried all of us over the Redhorn Pass and spared us from the perils of Moria,” Gandalf pointed out, “and he slew more orcs at Helm’s Deep than Gimli, Legolas, and yourself combined.”

“True,” Aragorn conceded, “but he also ate all Lorien’s stores of fruit, drank the waters from Galadriel’s magic mirror, and urinated on Celeborn. And now he has seized Eowyn and is carrying her up the Tower of Orthanc. There are disadvantages, as well as advantages, to being accompanied by King Kong.”

Tags: drabbles, lotr
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