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Not a lot, really

I've been away on holiday recently. From the 15th to the 20th curiouswombat and I went to York, stayed in a 5-star hotel there, and on the 17th went on a special steam train trip from York to Edinburgh and back. This was as a treat to ourselves to celebrate our silver wedding anniversary.

The full write-up of the trip, and the pictures, is taking place on her journal. I'll content myself with saying that it was awesome.

I haven't been posting much in the way of fic lately. I have been writing but progress has been slow and I've had a lot of distractions (such as steam train trips). Usually on the Glorious 25th of May I post something Discworld related but this year I failed. I'd had a Discworld/NCIS crossover roughly plotted out for quite a while, and my intention had been for it to be this year's Lilac Day post, but the date only registered on me the day before and there was no way I could write the story in a day so it stayed in the 'Outlines' folder. Maybe next year you'll get to see Vimes meet Gibbs and Abby meet Angua.

However my main reason for posting today is to say how annoyed I am about the Americans kicking Cheryl Cole off their version of The X-Factor because they can't understand her accent. That's my accent too! And you're the nation who expects the rest of the world to understand Sylvester Stallone...
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