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Double Drabble: Out of the Blue

A few months ago I wrote a couple of ficlets based on the idea that the monks of Dagon came up with different ways of hiding the Key from Glory instead of sending it to the Slayer. Here’s another one. This time they managed to hide from Glory for a long time before they were forced into taking desperate measures. A true double drabble, 2 x 100 words, PG.

PS I attempted to crosspost this from Dreamwidth but it hasn't happened after 8 hours so I'm posting it directly here - but if it turns up duplicated that's why. In future I'll just post in both places separately, that's if I bother with Dreamwidth at all.

Out Of The Blue

“Grave news, my friend,” the lama said to the abbot. “A woman fitting Glory’s description, accompanied by a retinue of ugly little men in robes, has arrived in Lhasa.”

“So, after three years of flight and hiding, the Beast has found us,” said the abbot. “The stars will soon be in alignment again and the world’s destruction looms. We must send the Key to a strong guardian.”

“The Slayer may not be powerful enough,” warned one of his monks.

“True,” the abbot conceded, “but luckily, during our exile, a new and greater power has arisen. Prepare to perform the ritual!”

- - - - -

Illyria strode imperiously into the office. “You shall have new duties, Qwa’ha Xahn,” she announced, “for I have brought forth my sister from the Deeper Well.”

“If you’ve killed someone else…” Wesley began.

“Worry not,” Illyria said, “I took no second vessel. Her shell is but a homunculus.” She beckoned and a pretty teenage girl, her only unusual feature the green streaks in her hair, entered.

“Hi,” she greeted Wesley, smiling.

“My sister,” Illyria declared. “Serve her well, Qwa’ha Xahn. Any that threaten her shall suffer the full fury of my wrath. Now bow before Aurora, Goddess of the Dawn.”

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