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Vote for me or for someone else who deserves it

Voting for the Twisting The Hellmouth CoA Awards ends tomorrow 1st November. Only users registered at TtH before the awards started can vote, and so you can’t vote if you’re not already a member, but if you are eligible to vote please do so.

I’ve made a point of reading all nominated stories before voting (although some were too bad to finish). It’s too late to do that now and so I can only ask you to vote for me or for some of the other good authors who have stories that made it through to the final voting round. If you don’t vote some really dreadful stories might, undeservedly, win. Actually some will anyway, there are categories where nothing good made it through to the final voting round, but at least you can help minimise the damage.

My entries are:

In the ‘Characters’ division
Best Original Character: Linrathanilar, from The Ringworld Slayer
Best Portrayal of Other Character: Olaf the Troll in Olaf through the Stargate

In the ‘Overall’ division
Best Non-BtVS/AtS Story: Extinction Event

In the ‘Story Types’ division
Best Drabble: Spell Check

I also have a story in the Moderators’ Awards section which is not open to public voting.

Also in the awards are good stories from curiouswombat (known as Curiouslywombat there), ffutures (under the name of MarcusRowland), jedibuttercup, Cordyfan, Lucinda, Mediancat, Vogonguard, Pythia, and EleriMcCleod. And a flawed but enjoyable story by DaveTurner in the Best Femslash category.

Go now to http://coa.tthfanfic.org/vote.php and vote for me and/or the others mentioned.
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