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Name That Leopard

After the longest break from fic-writing since I came to LJ (due to the World Cup being followed by getting ready for the writerconuk event) I'm writing again and the story I'm busy with is 'A Plague of Serpents'. I've reached the point where the male protagonist, the ranger Kelleth, acquires his Animal Companion - a male leopard. I can't think of a good name (Chantry suggests 'Spot' but that's just her being typically bloody awkward, the Wombat suggests 'Kitty' but that's just her being...) and so far the NWN2 built-in Random Animal Companion Name Generator hasn't come up with anything I like. Anyone have any suggestions?

Poll #1605781 Name that leopard
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What should Kelleth call his Animal Companion?

Tags: a plague of serpents, fic discussion
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