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Is there no end to this insanity?

Yet another one of the Willow/D'Hoffryn drabble series; the last for a while in case I bore people.

Verbal Diarrhoea

“Pain? What pain?” Willow asked.

“Observe!” D’Hoffryn commanded, and with a wave of his hand he opened a dimensional viewing portal.

Willow gazed through it and saw her friends in a crypt battling against a horde of demons. Buffy was being choked by one demon. Anya was chanting to summon D’Hoffryn. Spike and Xander were trying to barricade the door, but the demons were forcing them back. D’Hoffryn’s demon minions clustered around, staring over Willow’s shoulder, fascinated.

Willow’s mouth opened wide with surprise. “Shit!” she exclaimed, eyes flashing blue.

It took D’Hoffryn’s minions two days to clean and fumigate Arashma’har.
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