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The Madness of Joss II

Back in February I posted saying:
The Season 8 comics had led me to believe that Joss Whedon had been kidnapped by aliens and replaced by an evil clone. After the latest revelations I have now revised that opinion. I now believe that there are two possible explanations for recent events in the comics:

1) Joss has come to bitterly resent the series that made him famous, and which succeeded where his babies Firefly and Dollhouse failed, and he has set out to destroy the characters and the franchise
2) Joss has a serious undiagnosed mental illness.

I Friends-locked it, at the time, because I didn't want to risk Joss or Dark Horse seeing it and possibly suing me for libel. However Issue 34 has removed that fear. If I was sued all I would need to do would be to produce Issue 34 as evidence and no jury on Earth would convict me. Well, not unless Cheryl and stormwreath were on the jury.

Either Joss has gone stark raving mad or else he is deliberately trying to destroy the Buffyverse franchise out of spite. There can no longer be any doubt.

It's beginning to kill my enthusiasm for writing in the Buffyverse. I had been intending to return to 'Sunnydale Passions', now that I've thought of a way round the block I hit when I planned a plot development around an anatomical peculiarity of the kangaroo only to find, when I checked, that the peculiarity in question applies only to wallabies and not to kangaroos. And there would have been penguins. However I don't know if I will continue it, now, for how can I write crack!fic when the canon fic Joss is coming up with is crackier by many orders of magnitude than anything I could ever dream up? And it's not even funny.

I'll continue with crossover fic, and I will continue 'Came The Thunder' as I could never abandon Nonoma'e'e, but my other pure Buffyverse fics will continue to languish untouched for the forseeable future. 'Life, Resumed' lacks only the Epilogue - but I don't know how I'll motivate myself to write it now. Joss has poisoned the Buffyverse and I don't have access to a Priestess of Talona to cast Neutralise Poison.
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