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Ficlet: Right Under Your Nose

Here’s a mini-ficlet that came to me out of nowhere last night. An alternate BtVS Season 5; the monks of Dagon come up with a different way of hiding the Key from Glory. Instead of sending it to the Slayer, in the form of a sister, they choose someone even more powerful... 400 words divided into 2 x 200, PG.

Right Under Your Nose

The Abbot’s expression was grave as he entered. “The Beast has landed at Prague-Ruzyně,” he announced. “We must begin the ritual at once.”

“Father Abbot,” one of the monks spoke up, as the others rushed to light candles, “is sending the Key to the Slayer really the best idea? Are we not just bringing trouble down upon her?”

“Perhaps, Brother Dusan,” the Abbot conceded, “but no-one else has any chance of defeating the Beast.”

“What about… a walrus?” suggested Brother Jaroslav.

Brother Dusan ignored the eccentric monk. “There is one who is stronger than the Slayer,” he said, “and who is definitely a match for the Beast. In fact it is impossible for the Beast to defeat her.”

“Oh? Who?”

Brother Dusan told him. The other monks froze in the midst of their preparations.

“Her? Are you insane?” asked Brother Tomas.

The Abbot’s brows creased in thought. “Wait. Perhaps this idea is not as crazy as it seems at first,” he said. “Certainly Brother Dusan is correct that the Beast could never defeat her. We can spare the Slayer from becoming involved in a desperate battle and being distracted from her primary duty of guarding the Hellmouth. We’ll do it.”

- - - - -

“Well, that was a total waste of my time,” Glory complained. “The Slayer had no idea what I was talking about. I don’t think she knows anything about my Key.”

“She could have been lying, oh splendiferous one,” Jinx said.

“I really don’t think so,” Glory said. “She wasn’t being defiant, or evasive, just baffled. We’re barking up the wrong tree. It’s here somewhere, I know it, but not with the Slayer. We’ll have to do this the hard way. Search every inch of this town.” She began leafing through a fashion magazine. “Oh, yeah, and bring me someone to eat while you’re at it.”

“I obey, your magnificence,” Jinx said.

The door opened and a trio of minions led in a chestnut-haired teenage girl. Glory looked up and tossed her magazine aside. “Well, hello, my cute little button,” she greeted. “How did things go on your first day at your new school?”

“Okay, I guess,” the girl replied, “but there was this one girl, Kirsty, who was mean to me. A total bitch.”

“We can’t have that,” Glory said. “Nobody disrespects my sister. Bring me this Kirsty, boys, and I’ll suck out her brains. That work for you, Dawnie?”

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