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The Nirvana Project

Several months ago I wrote Smells Like Teen Spirit. It's NC-17, or at least hard R, and it is dark and bleak and angry. I had a lot of requests for a sequel, somewhat to my surprise, and this week the sequel unexpectedly burned its way into my brain and out onto the computer.

It's not anything like as dark, and it's probably R rating but on the mild side of R, but there is character death. It's borderline stand-alone; it makes sense alone, but much better sense if you have read SLTS, so read that first unless you can't take the pain. Warning; very much not Spuffy and not Bangel.

SLTS was my response to "The Girl in Question"; this one,

Come As You Are

is my serious post "Not Fade Away" story. Although, me being me, some fluff and humour did creep in. I'd meant to put the story itself on LiveJournal, but it was rejected as being too large a file, so I've had to put a link to the story on my website. It's 11,034 words.

(For my light and fluffy post-NFA story see Pyromania)

And my daughter won the individual prize in her public speaking contest, although her team didn't win the team prize and so she won't be going through to the inter-school round. Yay! Go Katherine!
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