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Morality in Faerûn and the EU.

In ‘Tabula Avatar’ I’ve been examining some of the big questions in life. Does memory equal self? If the world had been created last Tuesday, complete with memories, fossils, and all the internal evidence to show that it had existed for 4.7 billion years, how would we know? And, the currently relevant question, how come those who start wars get to be regarded as the good guys?

Shar didn’t start the War of Light and Darkness. Selûne did.

The Drow didn’t start the Crown Wars. The Vyshaantar clan of Sun Elves did. Unfortunately the Court of Enquiry which cleared the Drow didn’t sit until 800 years after the Drow had been forced into the Descent. The Vyshaantari got away with it for 5,500 years before eventually being punished – a feat Radovan Karadžić would no doubt love to emulate.

All completely unfair and unjust. But at least there was never any prospect of the evil megalomaniac Ivosaar Vyshaan becoming the first President of the European Union.
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