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Narnia Drabble: A Change of Diet

It hasn’t been a fun week – working when the Wombat is away gets to both me and the cat – but she’s home now. This drabble isn’t in celebration, it’s an expression of my grumpiness at her absence. ‘Chronicles of Narnia,’ some time during ‘Prince Caspian’, 100 words, PG13. Aslan’s not a tame lion. Warning: character death.

A Change of Diet

“Oh, Aslan, I’m so glad to see you,” Lucy said, throwing her arms around the lion’s neck.

“And I you, dear child,” Aslan replied, as she stroked his mane, “but I have grave news.”

“What is it, Aslan?”

“I’m afraid it’s particularly bad for you,” Aslan explained. “Wildebeest have become extinct in Narnia.”

“Why is that bad news for me?” Lucy asked. Then, as Aslan opened his mouth wide, she understood.

- - - - -

Peter stared, horrified, at Aslan gnawing on a small human thighbone. “Why?” he gasped.

“I’m not a tame lion,” Aslan replied, twitching his tail, “and I have to eat.”

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