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Illyria Drabble: Dead Men's Shoes

You won’t have expected it so soon after the last, considering the long hiatus that preceded Monday’s installment, but here is yet another part of my post-NFA Illyria drabble/ficlet series ‘The Dying of the Light’. Previous parts are HERE. A true drabble, 100 words, PG.

Dead Men’s Shoes

“My rage has cooled,” Illyria said. “I yearn for the peace of the Deeper Well. I would return to my sleep there, if I could, but I am bound too firmly to this shell.”

“The Deeper Well,” Giles mused. “Guarded for a thousand years by the champion Drogyn.”

“That was so,” Illyria confirmed, “but no longer. Drogyn was captured by Marcus Hamilton and then slain by Angel to lend verisimilitude to his subterfuge when he infiltrated the Circle of the Black Thorn. Currently the Well lacks a guardian.”

“Seems to me,” Kennedy suggested, “there’s a job for you right there.”

- - - - -

Concluded in ‘Bargaining... Acceptance’ & ‘Erase and Rewind’

Tags: fic, illyria drabbles
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