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Pimping again, and other stories

In my recent list of some of the best WIPs around at the moment I missed out one that is definitely well worth including. Out of Joint by sharelle. It really is quite remarkably good.

My own writing proceeds apace; I've made a start on Chapter 6 of Life In Shadow, but mainly I've been concentrating on the long-awaited sequel to Smells Like Teen Spirit. I'm three quarters of the way through that sequel, "Come As You Are", and I might possibly put it up tonight (although tomorrow is more likely). Apologies to those who are waiting for other things, but I had a couple of comments asking me to try something more serious than my usual style, and they gave the plot bunny enough strength to burst out of its cage and seize me in an unbreakable grip.

A milestone approaches; my website nears 100,000 hits (now at 99,684). I'm going to do something special to mark the occasion, and that will be very soon indeed; I've no idea what I'll do. Not a celebratory fic, that's for sure.

And greetings to new Friends; ffutures, sevedra, shallanelprin, and mnmbelle
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