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A Harry Potter Drabble from me? Inconceivable!

I was going to post a deep and meaningful essay today about my taste for Redemption fic but I changed my mind. Instead I composed this little drabble when I came home from work this morning – in the few seconds that it took to go up the stairs to the bathroom. When I came down I typed it out and lo! It was 101 words. I only had to remove one word.

My first ever Harry Potter fic! G, only the vaguest of spoilers for the end of the series, 100 words. This one is purely for UK and Irish readers – it might possibly mean something to Chinese readers but Americans, Russians, and continental Europeans will be totally and utterly at a loss. Not that they’re missing much; but what can you expect from something written in about 30 seconds?

What’s In A Name?

“Well, Harry, what are your plans for the future, now that Voldemort is gone and you’ve finished school?” Professor McGonagall asked. “Will you become an Auror? Go into the Ministry? Take up professional Quidditch?”

“I have a different sport in mind,” Harry replied. “A Muggle sport.”

- - - - -

“So far,” Hazel Irvine reported, from the BBC studio at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, “there has been no definitive ruling from the World Snooker Association on the legality of the unusual cue, only eleven inches long, holly, core of Phoenix feather, used by the appropriately named new wizard of the green baize; Harry Potter.”

Tags: drabbles, fic
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