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Spelling Mistake Drabble: Maiden Voyage

This is my 1,000th LiveJournal entry. I intended to commemorate the event with something special, perhaps even a new chapter of ‘Savage Beauty’ – at long last I’ve worked out how to continue, integrating the Icelandic financial crisis into the story, and it won’t be too long before I get back to it – but it wasn’t going to be soon enough and so instead I’m doing another of my ever-popular spelling mistake drabbles. Even stupider than the last! Buffyverse, post series, ignores comics canon, 100 words, and I think that, even though it contains nothing explicit, I’d better rate it NC-17 to be safe.

Maiden Voyage

“It’s totally not fair,” Dawn whined. “Between Buffy hardly ever letting me out of her sight, and Spike being all over-protective and threatening to eat any boy who puts a hand anywhere between my shoulder and my ankle, I never get any action. I’m gonna die an old maid.” She pouted.

“That’s so sad,” said her new friend.

“Yeah,” said Dawn. “I just wish I could loose my virginity.”


- - - - -

“Strangest cause of a fractured skull I’ve ever encountered in all my years in the medical profession,” remarked the ER doctor. “How could a girl trip over her own hymen?”

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