Speaker-to-Customers (speakr2customrs) wrote,

The old Dungeon meme

I died in the Dungeon of Speakr2customrs

I was killed in a cobwebbed hall by Moss6886 the orc, whilst carrying...

the Crown of Melancthe, the Dagger of Fenchurche, the Sword of Sister Fidelma, the Armour of Spikesdeb, the Crown of Makd, the Sceptre of Computers, the Wand of Reading, the Sword of Drakeazathoth, the Sword of Shallanelprin, the Wand of Futurama, the Crown of Spikeshunny, the Wand of Modesty Blaise, the Sword of Trepkos, the Crown of Wendylouwho, the Axe of Bagheera San, the Sword of Tolrag, the Amulet of Big Country, the Sceptre of Curiouswombat, the Dagger of Tim Powers, the Axe of Bookfanatic, the Dagger of Moedonna, the Wand of Basilio the Cat, a Figurine of Saradane, the Armour of Gorgonopsids, the Armour of Reader42, the Amulet of Ponderoid, the Amulet of Adriana Is, the Dagger of Fannishnej, the Dagger of Futurama, the Shield of Xander, the Axe of Saifai, a Figurine of Treacle A, a Figurine of Dalmeny, the Axe of Aphelant, the Sceptre of Priscellie, the Armour of Video Games, the Dagger of Video Games, the Armour of Fauvistfly, the Shield of Marco Villalta, the Crown of Vikingprincess, the Crown of Novichok74, the Sceptre of Xc Runner50, the Sceptre of Angel and 707 gold pieces.

Score: 753

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Tags: memes
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