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My Last Qwa’ha Xahn Was Taller 4: One is a God-King, the other's the Brain

Here is the fourth in my drabble series ‘My Last Qwa'ha Xahn Was Taller’, from a ‘Twisting the Hellmouth’ challenge, in which Illyria seeks a replacement for Wesley from the most inappropriate fandoms possible. Previous parts are HERE. G, 100 words.

One is a God-King, the other’s the Brain

The Brain scrutinized the strange woman. “Hmm,” he mused. “Incredible speed, super-human strength, high intelligence and an innate understanding of the nature of Time. Attributes that will be very useful in my next attempt to take over the world.”

“World domination is a worthy objective,” Illyria agreed.

“Indeed so,” said The Brain. “Are you pondering what I’m pondering?”

“I assess that probability at 82.47 per cent, Qwa'ha Xahn,” Illyria replied, “but where are we going to get an aardvark, four pounds of walrus blubber, a life-size replica of the Statue of Liberty and a balalaika at this time of night?”

Tags: My Last Qwa’ha Xahn Was Taller, drabbles
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