Speaker-to-Customers (speakr2customrs) wrote,

Birthday drabble: When Your Dream Becomes Your Nightmare

Happy birthday to trinfaneb

I had hoped to have a birthday fic done, a sequel to my BtVS/Ringworld crossover The Ringworld Slayer, but, because I’ve been working on ‘Tabula Avatar’, I haven’t managed it. All I have is a 100-word drabble teaser for that forthcoming story.

When Your Dream Becomes Your Nightmare

Lin cradled her shattered arm in her other hand. She choked back a sob. If she made any sound it would give away her position and bring the vampire upon her. She had lost her gun, she had only one working arm, and her last confrontation with the vampire had ended in ignominious and painful defeat. She wished that she could just run away and hide.

She had dreamed of meeting an intelligent, talking, vampire. Now she had met her dream and it was a nightmare. Ugly, asexual, stronger and more cunning than she was.

And the vampire had Vala.

Tags: birthday wishes, birthdays, ringworld, teasers
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