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My Last Qwa’ha Xahn Was Taller 1: Bear Necessities

There is a Challenge on ‘Twisting the Hellmouth’ called ‘Qwa’ha Xahns Illyria Never Had’. ‘With the death of Wesley, Illyria needs a new guide, a new Qwa'ha Xahn. Who does she pick? Think on all your favorite fandoms. What kind of impressions would different Qwa'ha Xahns make on Illyria?’ The suggestions include Jack O’Neill or Daniel Jackson from ‘Stargate SG-1’, Sarah Jane Smith, and serial killer Dexter Morgan. Of course that’s not the way my mind works. I’m doing 5 drabbles in a series titled ‘My Last Qwa'ha Xahn Was Taller’. I’ve written 3 so far, taking a break from the suicidally depressed Illyria of my other current drabble series; here’s the first. G, 100 words.

Bear Necessities

Illyria frowned at her Qwa’ha Xahn. “You eat ants? They seem but meager sustenance for one of your considerable bulk.”

“You better believe it, baby. Ants, grubs, prickly pear and paw-paw, they’re all part of Mother Nature’s recipes. Look for the simple bare necessities of life.”

Illyria shook her head. “I desire accoutrements suitable for my station. I will not grovel in the dirt for my nourishment. Your muzzle is stained by juice and your fur is dirty. You are an unsatisfactory Qwa’ha Xahn, Baloo the Bear. I should have accepted the offer of the sleek and sophisticated Shere Khan.”

Continued in ‘The God-King at Pooh Corner’

Tags: My Last Qwa’ha Xahn Was Taller, drabbles
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