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The Bad, the Good, and the Lovely.

My freaking Guestbook got hacked again.

At least this time it wasn't racist hate banners, just freaking annoying adverts for websites, but the bastards hacked in to the Guestbook Admin password so I couldn't delete what they'd put in, so I deleted the whole frigging Guestbook altogether. No-one had signed it since September anyway. Still, there were some nice comments there, and wiping it HURT. And I had to go through the whole site deleting all the links to the Guestbook, and that's taken all afternoon when I could have been WRITING!

All hackers should be taken to the middle of the Saharah desert, 300 miles from the nearest water, and shot through both sodding kneecaps and left to die horribly of thirst and heat exhaustion.

On a more pleasant topic, thanks to everyone who has left comments about "Something Blue Movie" - I'm not replying individually because of the brevity, any replies I could make would be longer than the comments and probably longer than the Drabble. I'll just say, that was the clean version! There is now a (slightly) dirtier version in the Comments of this post.

And I might write a Sequel!

And "Hi" to recent new Friends, avidrosette, bedawyn, ludditerobot, keswindhover, shadowscast, elisi, and cyberwitch13666. And any of the earlier ones I missed at the time.

While I'm on: pimp time. enigmaticblues' latest WIP "All The Graces Of The Dawn" is phenomenally good. Almost everything she does is superb anyway, but she's getting better and better and is moving into the realms of the supreme. It's the sequel to "The Great Advantage Of Being Alive" (also wonderful). Find them both HERE
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